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We want you to be able to enjoy your garments for as long as possible. By showing them some love and following some simple tips you can increase the lifespan of your garments considerably.

You don't need to wash most pieces as often as you think and it will save time, energy, and water to wear them a few more times in between washes. To keep the garments feeling fresh you can hang them out for some fresh air or have a go with the steamer (a steamy bathroom is also a good option).

To get rid of stains it's always a good idea to be efficient and spot-treat them right away to avoid them sinking in further. You generally don’t need to use harsh chemicals, a gall soap or other eco- friendly options go a long way. Be gentle and dab it rather than rubbing it.

When it’s time to wash your garments some general tips are:

  • Save energy and be gentler to the garments by keeping the temperatures low, for most garments you don’t need to go higher than 30 °C.

  • Make sure you wash a full machine to save energy and water.

  • Sometimes hand-washing is the better option. Keep the water lukewarm.

  • Choose an eco-friendly detergent that is more gentle on your garments and the environment.

  • Avoid bleach and softeners, the chemicals are hard on the environment and your garments will last longer without them.

  • Use a washing bag to reduce friction and take extra care of your delicate garments. It also helps keep synthetic microfibers away from the ocean!

  • Turn your garments inside out before machine washing.

  • Hang them out to dry. Gently shake the garments out and hang them up, indoors or, if possible, outdoors for an even fresher feeling.

  • Skip the tumble dryer, it damages the fibers and uses up a lot of energy.

  • Read the care labels — you’ll find ours with a little more in-depth info down below. 


Tencel Lyocell

TENCEL™ is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp in an environmentally friendly process that requires less energy and water than conventional cotton. It’s a breathable, soft, and durable material that will last you a long time if you treat it well.

How to care for Tencel

The preferred way of washing your Tencel garments is to send them to the dry cleaners to ensure the garments are correctly and carefully cared for.

If you decide to wash your Tencel garments at home, make sure you wash them at a low temperature, 20°C with similar colors. Machine wash calls for a hand wash program. Avoid bleach and softeners (Tencel is naturally soft already). Remember to turn the garment inside out for extra protection and avoid the tumble dryer. To dry the garment, gently press the water out and hang it up. Don’t use a hot iron, keep it cooler or preferably steam it instead. Steaming the garment will also make the fabric soft after washing it.

Recycled Polyester & Polyester

*We are still in the process of switching all of our swimwear to recycled polyester. This means that some of our older models are made from non-recycled polyester. This guide also applies to them.

Our recycled polyester is made from REPREVE ® recycled fiber, a material derived from turning recycled plastic bottles into an environmentally friendly durable fabric. The recycled polyester is naturally water-repellant, durable, and quick-drying.

Our swimsuits are made from SEAQUAL ® recycled fiber consisting of approximately 10% marine plastic and 90% post-consumer PET from land sources.

How to care for recycled polyester

*This also applies to non-recycled polyester products such as Alpine Teddy

Wash your garments at 30°C and use a washing bag to catch synthetic microfibre pollution and protect both the environment and the garment. Don't tumble dry, just hang it up as it is both quick drying and wrinkle resistant.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown and produced with methods and materials that have a lower impact on the environment while protecting the people involved in the process. Our organic cotton is GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified which guarantees that all the stages of the production are regulated, ethical, and sustainable, and that all the end products are tested for harmful chemicals.

How to care for organic cotton

When washing your organic cotton garments turn them inside out and wash with similar colors at 30 °C without bleach and softeners to prevent shrinking and fading. Avoid the tumble dryer, gently shake the garment and hang it up to dry.

Terry Cloth

Our classic terry garments are made from a soft terry toweling fabric crafted from 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

How to care for terry cloth

You want to keep the temperature low when washing your terry garments. Use a delicate machine wash program and wash together with similar colors at 30 °C. Don’t use bleach and avoid the tumble dryer. Iron at low heat or steam to freshen up the garment after drying.


How to care for accessories

To maintain the quality of accessories like hats and caps, it's best to skip the washing machine entirely and choose handwashing as the preferred method.